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Twitter Realness – A Real Life Example

I have been fortunate in my life to be employed in certain situations that have taught me quite a bit about how I should carry myself in the workplace. This says nothing of my beautiful Grandmother, Betty Ray, who taught me how to not only carry myself in the workplace, but also taught me how to be a good human being. It’s important to note that I am not the President of the United States, but in my past career roles and as a role model to my two nephews and two nieces, I have been a leader. This morning the world woke up to the following tweet from President Donald Trump:

I heard poorly rated @Morning_Joe speaks badly of me (don’t watch anymore). Then how come low I.Q. Crazy Mika, along with Psycho Joe, came…..to Mar-a-Lago 3 nights in a row around New Year’s Eve, and insisted on joining me. She was bleeding badly from a face-lift. I said no!

Copyright: CNN

Here’s the deal…I was a manager of casino department for three years across two separate companies in two differing states. I knew right from wrong and 99.99% of the time when it came to the rules and regulations of the gaming industry, I stood firm on the side of “This is how it’s supposed to be done.” I have had to look directors, managers, supervisors and front-line team members in the face and flat out say, “No. You’re wrong this is not how we should be doing something,” and the facts of the matter was if it were within my control, meaning I had finally say on the outcome and I knew it to be wrong – we weren’t doing it! 

According to news reports the President was upset because the journalist referred to him as having small hands – I don’t know what prompted the dual tweets this morning and I do not care to know honestly. But I say this, I am an overweight, feminine acting, gay man with a southern drawl at times…people make fun of me! I know this just as I know this will not the be the last tweet we take offensive to from President Trump. I’ve been called: FAT, GAY, QUEER, FAGOT, SISSY, PIG, COW, FATASS…the list can go on and on and on. In fact in my last job, last November, two VPs of two separate departments referred to be as, “Being over the top” which at least for me, being a homosexual man, I find incredibly offensive, because I think we would be hard pressed to stereotype a heterosexual man as being “over the top.” The point of the matter is this, I don’t get to fire back in the same manner that President Trump fired back and as Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who according to her answer this afternoon from the press briefing, would tell her son not to look to President Trump’s behavior, but rather God! 

All of this is to say this, when I was working as a Cage & Club Manager in Western Maryland, I have no doubt that at least on one occasions I made a decision that caused at least one of my cashiers to say to someone within the organization, “That Fagot Won’t…” and had that information gotten back to me and I responded, “That Low I.Q. Crazy…” in a public forum, let’s say on the scheduled posted for the entire department to see…I would have lost my job. And rightfully so. And why would I have lost my job, because my response while unprofessional, classless and rude – is not only wrong, but it is beneath the dignity that I have for myself and the position to which I hold. 

Let me say that again, it would have been unprofessional and BENEATH THE DIGNITY of a mid-level manager in a casino in Western Maryland. I would have been called into HR, an investigation would have begun and in the end I would have most assuredly lost my job. The First Lady and the Deputy Press Secretary have stated today that Donald Trump is a President that fights back when he’s been attacked – but is that really something we should want from the President of the United States. I understand that people have their religious beliefs, but citing that God is the one would should strive to be, while working for a man who attacks women isn’t what we should strive to be doing. House Republicans and Senators have called out the President without so much as saying his name – it’s high time these shenanigans stop, but we all know that they won’t. The President will continue to do these child like behaviors at the age of 70…71…72…and so on until our long national nightmare that is the Trump Administration is over. 

Earlier this week United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley bemoaned on Twitter that her and her family was booed while leaving a restaurant in NYC during Pride and she went so far to use the hashtag, “HateNeverWins” perhaps she should relay this information to her boss – the President of the United States. 

And by the way…while I would have lost my job…my career…my livelihood had I engaged in something similar to this as the President…over 100K people have “hearted” the President’s tweets – which ironically according to Sean Spicer are official statements from the President himself.

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